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Immune Landscape with MBC

Vinay Prasad papers on twitter

Tumour Mutational Burden


Screening for late stage cancers

Vitamin D and Fish Oil

New Insights Into Mets

Fever After Zoledronic Acid

Bone Marrow Mets Protein

Broadening Eligibility Criteria to Make Clinical Trials More Representative

US Immunotherapy Using Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes for Patients With Metastatic Cancer

Novartis punts a late-stage PI3K drug with a worrying safety profile to one of China’s upstart biotechs

Feasibility of Large-Scale Genomic Testing to Facilitate Enrollment Onto Genomically Matched Clinical Trials

2018 07 Triple Negative Impassion130 Trial Phase 3

2018 06 Metastasis Protein Found

The impact of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) detection in metastatic breast cancer (MBC): Implications of “indolent” stage IV disease (Stage IVindolent).

Everolimus for Endocrine Resistence in BC

Kinome rewiring reveals AURKA limits PI3K-pathway inhibitor efficacy in breast cancer

Dr. Stephanie Graf CDK4/6 Inhibitor advances


More transparency in reporting of harms in cancer drug trials

Frequency and level of evidence, a retrospective observational study

Surrogate Endpoints

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