Reports & Guidelines


Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy for Women With Hormone Receptor–Positive Breast Cancer

July 2018 ESMO Guidelines for MBC from Lisbon Conference 2017

2017-10 Differential presentation and survival of de novo and recurrent metastatic breast cancer over time: 1990–2010

Spatiotemporal progression of metastatic breast cancer: a Markov chain model highlighting the role of early metastatic sites

Perspective on the interpretation of research and translation to clinical care with therapy-associated metastatic breast cancer progression as an example, Beth Caldwell, Co-Author

2018/02 Triple Negative Breast Cancer: New Subtype Classifications Sheds Light on Targeted Treatments

2016 Emerging strategies for treating brain metastases from breast cancer

2018 AACR Annual Meeting 2018: Opening Plenary Session on Liquid Biopsy, Immunotherapy, and More

Hormone-fueled breast cancer cells halted with new approach

Cancer breakthrough: Novel approach can ‘starve’ tumors to death

Breast cancer: Protein that drives metastasis uncovered

Receptor Conversion in Distant Breast Cancer Metasticies

Targeting protein quality control pathways in breast cancer

Aspirin, lysine, mifepristone and doxycycline combined can effectively and safely prevent and treat cancer metastasis: prevent seeds from gemmating on soil

Science 37 and Novartis Sign Strategic Alliance to Advance Decentralized Clinical Trials

2018/03 Elaine Schattner, All Cancer Patients Should Have Access to Molecular and Genomic Testing

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