About Us

Our Mission:

  • To connect and empower Canadians with Metastatic Breast Cancer while supporting research for a cure.

Who We Are:

Our original purpose and intent for this organization was to provide information, resources and services for Canadians living with MBC, including developments in scientific research and treatments.

We do not actively fundraise and therefore do not have a cash flow sufficient to support the additional costs associated with NFP requirements. (We do not have salaried employees and our overhead is low. Excess funds will be directed to projects beneficial to our MBC community.)

The founding directors are/were Advocates, first and foremost. NFP organizations are restricted in their Advocacy activities. Given the disparity in MBC research funding, the availability and cost of drugs and treatment inequities that exist province-to-province we feel we will better serve our MBC community without the restrictions of a NFP.

Our Priorities:

  • provide access to online support groups where Canadians with MBC can connect with and support one another and share information;
  • provide links to educational material and resources, for both conventional medicine and alternative therapies* for MBC;
  • support research for a cure by raising awareness of the important work competed to date, the need for more research, and by promoting collaboration among researchers, both nationally and internationally;
  • advocate for greater patient involvement in research, for more clinical trials in Canada, and for fair and equal access to clinical trials and therapies for all Canadians;
  • identify, research, and raise awareness of the unmet needs of the MBC community to inform health and social (economic or welfare) policies;
  • advocate for removal of all barriers to the latest and best standards of care for Canadians with MBC.

Median survival and 5-year relative survival for de novo (1st diagnosis, or ‘from the beginning’) MBC increased over the years, especially in younger women. We estimate a two-fold increase in 5-year relative survival rate from 18% to 36%, for women diagnosed with de novo MBC at age 15–49 between 1992–1994 and 2005–2012, respectively* The overall conclusion is risk of recurrence of breast cancer persists for a long time, highlighting the need for better tools & treatments.

* http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/26/6/809

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