About Us

Our Mission:

  • To connect and empower Canadians with Metastatic Breast Cancer while supporting research for a cure.

Who We Are:

  • We are a registered (nonprofit society application pending) Canadian organization dedicated solely to the needs of people living with MBC.

Our Priorities:

  • provide access to online support groups where Canadians with MBC can connect with and support one another and share information;
  • provide links to educational material and resources, for both conventional medicine and alternative therapies* for MBC;
  • support research for a cure by raising awareness of the important work competed to date, the need for more research, and by promoting collaboration among researchers, both nationally and internationally;
  • advocate for greater patient involvement in research, for more clinical trials in Canada, and for fair and equal access to clinical trials and therapies for all Canadians;
  • identify, research, and raise awareness of the unmet needs of the MBC community to inform health and social (economic or welfare) policies;
  • advocate for removal of all barriers to the latest and best standards of care for Canadians with MBC.

Median survival and 5-year relative survival for de novo (1st diagnosis, or ‘from the beginning’) MBC increased over the years, especially in younger women. We estimate a two-fold increase in 5-year relative survival rate from 18% to 36%, for women diagnosed with de novo MBC at age 15โ€“49 between 1992โ€“1994 and 2005โ€“2012, respectively* The overall conclusion is risk of recurrence of breast cancer persists for a long time, highlighting the need for better tools & treatments.

* http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/26/6/809

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